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God's Justice Bible, Hardcover

Niv God’s Justice Bible, Hardcover

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The NIV God’s Justice Bible, designed to inform and inspire. The Holy Bible carefully addresses the timeless and universal issues of injustice. Written by a team of international authors who bring a global perspective to these issues,

The NIV God’s Justice Bible includes introductions to all 56 books written by scholars and writers. The introductions serve to elevate the theme of God’s heart for justice, found throughout Scripture.

This Bible also includes study notes that have been specifically tied to passages that speak to the central theme. At the end of each book, there are also prayers and questions to reflect on.

God’s justice — his “setting things right” — is a foundational principle of the Bible. His plan for justice to triumph is traced from Genesis to Revelation, and as a theme, it forms the backbone of Scripture.

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The NIV God’s Justice Bible represents the voices of scholars and writers who seek to teach and advocate for God’s justice internationally, with a World Christian perspective.

designed to inform and inspire, NIV God’s Justice: The Holy Bible carefully addresses the timeless and universal issues of injustice. Written by a team of international authors who bring a global perspective to these issues, NIV God’s Justice: The Holy Bible is designed to fire readers’ passion for social justice and take positive steps to bring justice issues to light in their own circle of influence. The writers come from every continent, representing organizations such as the International Justice Mission, Compassion and World Vision.
Well-Known UK and US contributors include Krish Kandiah, Tim Stafford, Andy Crouch, Ron Sider, and Joel Edwards.

This Hard Cover Bible Features

  • The complete text of the NIV Bible, the world’s most-read and most-trusted modern-English translation
  • Book introductions for every book in the Bible highlight how the theme of God’s justice is addressed throughout the entire Bible
  • Study notes on passages that speak to the problems of injustice in the world (governmental oppression, human trafficking, slavery, financial inequality, and more) and how God’s overall plan is to restore his creation
  • Prayers and questions for reflection at the end of each book of the Bible
  • World Christian perspective on God’s justice brought through a portfolio of 57 international scholars and writers
  • Full-color interior design with wood-carving images of trees from around the world

1 review for Niv God’s Justice Bible, Hardcover

  1. God’s Justice: The Holy Bible, isn’t just another themed Bible. Justice is a central theme intertwined throughout the stories and history presented in the Bible, and this Bible highlights those stories through introductions, footnotes, and reflection/prayer.

    Here are some things I love about it.

    1. They brought in a wide variety of voices for contribution

    One of the key things that they did was ensure that they had contributors from around the world. To be specific, there are 56 contributors and 22 countries represented. It’s truly a multicultural look at not just the Bible, but the central theme of justice within the Bible.

    2. Introductions to each book

    Those 56 contributors wrote introductions for the books of the Bible. Each introduction examines justice and injustice in that particular book. It helps prepare you to look for certain stories and themes in that book and examines current justice issues in light of those stories and themes. It’s a nice way to put your head in a good mental spot as you start to read the book.

    3. Footnotes

    Throughout the Bible you’ll see footnotes. Each one pertains to a verse or excerpt from the above text, explaining or expounding upon the text and in some cases discussing how it relates to the theme of justice. It really helps clarify a lot of questions around time period and cultural context. It also helps you think a lot more about specific things in the Bible, like why Paul placed such an emphasis on clothing, modesty, and the importance of self-care.

    These footnotes really enhance the overall Bible-reading experience and offer some new perspectives within the justice theme of the Bible.

    4. Questions for reflection and prayer prompts

    At the end of each book, there are 5-7 questions for reflection and a prayer. Each of the questions help you relate what you read in the book to issues of justice while the prayer helps connect that understanding to your relationship with God.

    Between this, the introduction, and the footnotes, there is ample provocation for really discovering, digging, and pondering. It’s clear that the creators and implementers of this Bible really sought to engage the reader to think about culture and the real heart God has for justice.

    5. Organized into 7 volumes

    The volumes are: Beginning, History, Poetry & Song, Prophets, Life of Jesus, Letters, and Apocalypse. They are broken up to bring out the distinct qualities the different sections have.

    For my need to organize everything, this delineation is wonderful.

    6. It’s visually appealing

    Rather than over designing the Bible with images of justice or making it really dark with colorful images, the design is very simple and beautiful. They used a nature theme and cool colors that transition from green to more blue/purple as the Bible progresses. The fore edge (opposite the spine, where the pages are together but not glued together) is designed with corresponding, color-matching nature images. With the Bible closed you can see the demarcation of the different volumes.

    Honestly, the only thing I really didn’t like about this Bible is the fact that the books of the Bible are listed on the bottom of the page next to the page numbers. In every other Bible I’ve owned, it’s at the top. So, when you’re flipping through to try to find a certain book it just takes some adjusting to look at the bottom of the page rather than the top, but that’s any easy adjustment and does not hinder the overall experience.

    I’m going to end on another quote from the introduction, because I think it is poignant as we move forward in our understanding of what God’s justice looks like and what it means for us as Christians to live it out.

    “Injustice and evil remain potent and subtle, and each new generation faces unprecedented challenges. We have to script for the next chapter. We must use our creative powers to build the story so far until we reach a good ending. How can we do that? Only by soaking our minds and hearts in God’s ways of justice, revealed to us in the pages of this book. Those who know the story best can best write the next chapter. God’s justice can become the story of our lives”

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