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Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook

The Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook


Bring the Bible to Life!

One of the keys to understanding God’s Word is understanding how the message of each book fits into God’s plan.

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This innovative, fully illustrated handbook will enrich your Bible reading with fascinating insights into the Scriptures and the world in which they’re written.

The Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook offers the most up-to-date evangelical biblical scholarship in a colorful, informative, and easy to understand format. This book-by-book guide brings the Bible to life with more than 1,100 full-color pages, offering 500 color photos & illustrations, 80 maps & charts, 100 articles by leading evangelical scholars

You will discover how each section of the Bible reveals God’s purposes, giving you a clearer understanding of God’s Word from Genesis through to Revelation a you’ll learn how to effectively interpret the Bible and apply it in your life.

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